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Working from home 2020-3-27
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Working from home can be a challenge, hopefully these tips should help to make it easier

With the government announcing nationwide remote working where possible, many of us find ourselves in unchartered territory. We’ve put together a useful guide for those of you who are now working from home and need a few tips to make the most of your working day.

Work your usual hours

Continuing to work your contracted hours will help you maintain your routine as much as possible and prevent the days merging together. Even though your environment has changed, your job hasn’t.

Create a dedicated space

It’s very important to not blur the lines between home and work so creating a dedicated home office space is essential. This can be on the dining table, in the spare room or a corner of the living room just as long as it used for work ONLY.

If you don’t have enough space for a dedicated area, make sure you pack away all of your work things every evening and get them back out the next morning rather than leaving them there the whole time.

Stick to your usual morning routine

Getting up 2 minutes before you’re due to log on and beginning your workday while still in your pjs will do nothing for your productivity or mental wellbeing.

Try to stick to your usual morning routine of getting up early, having a shower and a coffee before getting dressed in comfortable clothes. This will help you feel ready for a full day of work and get into the correct headspace even though you’re still at home.

Have regular breaks

Ensure you have regular breaks and stay hydrated throughout the day as well as not forgetting to take a lunch hour. It’s easy to get stuck in front of your screen all day but it’s important that you take time out to recharge.

Leave the house

During this difficult time where going out in public is limited to essential journeys, this is more important than ever. Make sure you get your one session of exercise each day, even if it’s just a gentle 20 minute walk. The fresh air will work wonders.

If you have a garden, make the most of it by enjoying your morning coffee in the sun, or do something more productive such as mowing the grass or a HIIT session on your lunch break.

Keep in touch with the team

Just because you and your team are no longer in the same space anymore doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t regularly keep in touch and check in. Checking that no one feels emotionally isolated or lonely by creating a chat group or schedule in regular team calls to discuss both work topics and a social chat are important.

Take advantage of being at home

Being at home means you no longer have to reheat last night’s left overs for lunch or rush down a pot of instant porridge at your desk. Make sure to have a healthy and filling breakfast before you log on to begin work and enjoy a freshly cooked lunch to keep you going until tea time - And don’t forget to stay hydrated.

End your workday officially

If you’re not used to remote working then it can be easy to find that you’re over working or checking your emails while you should be relaxing in the evening. Have a clear signal to end your day such as turning off your laptop and work mobile at the time as your contacted hours will prevent your work life and personal life colliding.

And for those of you with kids at home…

With whole families now spending all their time indoors together, working remotely may be a challenge.

Set clear boundaries

Having rules and boundaries with the kids (and everyone else in the household for that matter) that just because you’re at home doesn’t mean you’re available 24/7. Make sure that everyone knows and respects the hours you work by setting up a schedule for important meetings and quiet times as well as your break times then leave in a communal place. This will stop you being interrupted during that conference call but also allows you to spend lunch time together as a family.

Use nap time wisely

All parents know that nap time is precious when it comes to having some solo down time to either relax, get though chores or run errands so why should it be any different when WFH? Spend this time getting that report completed, having your catch up conference calls and anything else that you need peace and quiet to complete.

Rotate toys and create challenges

Children young and old may find it difficult to entertain themselves for long periods of time and still rely on you for something to do. With this in mind, spend some time on an evening planning activities for the kids to do such as painting, a sandpit, treasure hunt and school work. For younger ones, try to rotate their toys regularly so that they don’t get bored and cause a ruckus.

Have a bottle ready before meetings

If the little one decides to wake up mid video call and a meltdown is likely then think ahead and prepare a bottle so that there are minimal distractions and instant soothing.

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