Surviving long car journeys with kids

Travel 2020-2-28
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If you're planning some spring or summer time getaways, you may already be dreading being stuck in a car for hours with kids to entertain, which is why we're bringing you our top tips.

Turn the back seat into a cinema

Download the kid’s favourite films onto their tablet(s) and attach to the back of the seat using a tablet holder. Supply some popcorn, a bottle of water and headphones and enjoy the peace and quiet.

Handheld electronic games

We all know too much screen time is bad but when you’re on a long trip with kids it can sometimes be your saving grace. Handheld game consoles such as Nintendo Switch, Nintendo 2/3DS and PSP are small and easy to pack while helping ease the boredom… at least for a little bit.


Audiobooks are a great way to keep everyone entertained and not just the kids. If you need a bit of quiet time then plan ahead and dig it out in paperback and have them follow along in the car. Not only will this keep them occupied but also gets in some extra reading practice – win-win.

Pack a ‘just in case’ bag

Always make sure you’re prepared for any emergency with a ‘Just in case’ bag which can be easily accessed. Pack anything you might need from spare clothing, wet wipes, first aid kit, a toilet roll, sun cream, etc. You’ll be glad you did if you ever need to dip into it.

Lots of snacks

Nothing is worse than being an hour into your journey and having to find an overpriced services' to get something to eat. If you know that there won’t be any opportunities to eat, make sure to pack lots of snacks such as sandwiches, crisps, fruit, nuts and biscuits to keep you going until you get to your destination.

Portable potty for the little ones

Being caught short isn’t fun and usually results in a mad dash to find somewhere suitable to pull over and find the nearest coffee shop. However, kids don’t always know they need to go until they really need to go so having a portable potty for them to use at super short notice will save any meltdowns or wet seats.

Car back seat organiser

Having everything that the kids need in reaching distance for them will make your life so much easier. Get a couple of car back seat organisers, fill them with activities, snacks, water bottles, wipes, etc. which will be easier than turning around every 2 minutes.

Attach their favourite things to the car seat

If you’re forever turning around to fish things from under the seat or pick up dropped toys, cups, books etc, then why not attach them to the car seat making it easier for the little ones to retrieve them independently?

Road trip bingo

This is a great way to keep kids engaged and super easy to set up. Before your trip, print out a road trip bingo card (there are loads to choose from online), grabs some pens and bring these out when they start to get bored. The first one to find all of their items gets a treat.

Plan regular toilet breaks

This one should go without saying but make sure you plan toilet breaks throughout your journey and make sure EVERYONE goes. If you do get caught short, you’ll be glad you packed that portable potty.

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