Summer holiday- is it cheaper to pre-book or wait for a last min deal?

Travel 2015-3-2

If you’re thinking about your summer holiday, you’re probably facing the same dilemma everyone faces, is it cheaper to book well in advance or hold off for a last minute deal? Let’s find out.

Pre-book your holiday?

Early booking Incentives
Booking your holiday early often means that you get to take advantage of incentives offered by tour operators who are looking to sell destinations ASAP. Offers include free spa treatments, room upgrades, free child places and excursions. Thomson, Balkan Holidays and Cosmos Holidays are just a few among the tour operators offering excellent early booking discounts.

Get organised
If you’re booking a family holiday, booking early can minimise a lot of the stress. You’re more likely to get seated together on the flight and secure any attraction tickets you might want to visit, so you’re not disappointed when you arrive. This is especially important if you’ve got school holidays to contend with.

The great thing about booking your holiday early is that you have the option to pay only the deposit upfront which, with some holiday companies can be as little as £20 depending on the price of your holiday. This gives you time to save the full balance and lets you relax, knowing your holiday is booked and confirmed.

And, if you know how much your holiday is going to cost and know exactly when and where you’re going in advance, it gives you more time to budget and save for those extra special treats.

Avoid disappointment
Let’s not forget the availability factor. Chances are if you’re planning a special holiday or have a particular resort in mind, booking early will ensure your place and avoid disappointment and prevent you being overcharged.

Wait until the last minute?

If you’re the kind of person who likes the element of surprise and loves not knowing what tomorrow will bring, then booking your holiday at the last minute could be very exciting and an adventure in itself.

Cheap deals
Holiday resorts don’t want empty rooms, so if they’re left with rooms available they want to get them filled quickly. This is where booking at the last minute has its perks. You’ll get a cracking deal if you’re in the position to pack your bags and get on a plane as soon as the next day. The only thing with this is you’ll have to pay the full amount of the holiday upfront, as there is no time for deposits.

So, it seems that booking your summer holiday in advance is the way to go. Of course if you don’t have children, work commitments or a fussy tendency, then grabbing a last minute deal could be right for you.

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