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News & Guides 2020-5-13
Wfh Hacks (1)

WFH hacks from Hitachi Personal Finance’s employees

With working from home set to be the way of way for the foreseeable future for so many of us, we have checked in with some of Hitachi Personal Finance’s staff to see what hacks they can share for making it that bit easier.

Think weekly
With fewer meetings and office distractions, I find writing a weekly to-do list now works better than a daily one, as it allows you to be more flexible. Just don’t include anything un-achievable on there or you’ll finish the week feeling like a failure!
Suzy, Employee Engagement

Set boundaries
No logging on to check emails or work calls in the evening, just because your computer is close by. Set expectations with your colleagues – just because you’re working from home doesn’t mean you’re available to work at all hours.
Daniella, Internal Communications

Designate a workspace
As tempting as it can be to stay in bed all day, it’s not great for productivity. Set out somewhere specific, separate from where you sleep or lounge around.
Adam, Personal Loans

Pack away at the end of the day
As tempting as it is to leave everything out ready for you to pick back up the next day, packing away each evening will help you distinguish between work and leisure time.
Stephanie, Marketing

Spend your lunchtime wisely
Whether that means getting some fresh air or squeezing in a power nap after a bad night’s sleep, make the most of the break.
Rahil, IT

Work in short bursts
When all day, every day looks the same, it can be hard to maintain concentration. Work in short 20-30 minute bursts, getting away from your screen and stretching your legs at the end of each. There are apps you can use if you tend to get carried away, such as Focus Keeper.
Daniella, Internal Communications

Don’t be afraid to extend your day
Depending on your role, don’t be afraid to extend the day, taking more frequent breaks if that helps you stay focused.
Rahil, IT

Deep clean
Never more important than right now, giving your workspace a deep clean and re-organise every week can help to make it a more enjoyable space to spend a significant portion of your days. You can even light a candle or two to make it more relaxing.
Suzy, Employee Engagement

Mix up your routine
Have slightly different routines by day so that they don’t all merge into one. For example, make Wednesdays your morning walk day before you start, or celebrate Fridays with a different breakfast. Pancake Friday, anyone?!
Stephanie, Marketing

Explore your local area
Go for a walk on lunch and leave your phone at home. Set yourself the task of discovering one thing that you’ve never seen or noticed before.
Suzy, Employee Engagement

Dress for success
We’re all different – some people feel more productive when they get dressed into office wear, some work better when they’re comfortable so would rather spend the day in pyjamas. Do whatever works for you.
Daniella, Internal Communications

Move when you’re told to
When your Apple Watch or Fitbit says you need to move, listen to it! Go for a walk around the garden, run up the stairs or make a brew. If you don’t have one, make sure you’re paying attention to the time so that you don’t end up sitting for hours on end without moving, it’s not good for you.
Suzy, Employee Engagement

Replace your commute
If you spent 20 minutes driving to work listening to music or a podcast, spend 20 mins before and after work doing just that to get you ready for the day/evening ahead.
Adam, Personal Loans

Hitachi Hints and Tips is intended to be informative and interesting. It does not constitute financial advice, and you should always do further research when making any financial decisions. All information was correct at date of publication.
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