How to stay safe during the heatwave

News & Guides 2019-7-24

Top tips for staying safe on the hottest day of the year

According to the Met Office, 25th July 2019 is expected to be the hottest day on record so far, reaching temperatures of 38C in some parts of the country.

Extreme weather events have become more common over the last few years and according to a Met Office study, heatwaves are thirty times more like to occur compared to 200 years ago. This is due to the higher concentration of CO2 in our atmosphere.

It’s important to protect yourself from extreme heat as over-exposure can lead to skin cancer, heatstroke, and exhaustion.

Here are some helpful tips to keep yourself, friends and family members safe this summer.

Keep hydrated

Whether you’re out and about or sat at your desk, make sure that you keep drinking. Water and soft drinks (try to avoid anything fizzy) are the best to keep your fluid levels topped up throughout the day.

Top tip: Freeze a bottle of water overnight and through the day it will melt, letting you enjoy a refreshing ice-cold drink for longer.

Keep out of direct sun during the hottest times of the day

We’re not saying you shouldn’t be out enjoying the sunshine but it’s advisable to stay indoors or at least in shade during the hottest times of the day. Late morning to mid-afternoon is when UV rays are at their peak.

If you do have to go out, make sure that you use sun cream with a medium to high SPF, cover your skin and wear a hat. Don’t forget your water bottle either!

Dress for the weather

Wearing the right clothes will ensure you’re comfortable throughout the day. Try to opt for natural fibers, loose-fitting and airy clothes as they will help keep you cool.

Top tip: Avoid black or dark colours as they will absorb the light making you feel even warmer.

Eat some cold food

Swap hot and heavy meals for something lighter and cold such as salads and fruits. There’s more water in them and it helps keep your body temperature down.

Don’t forget the sun cream

Just because you applied sun cream at 8 am this morning doesn’t mean that you’re protected for the rest of the day.

Between sweating, rubbing off on your clothes and soaking into your skin, the effect can wear off pretty quickly. Follow the directions on the bottle to make sure you’re safe from burning throughout the day.

Take a cold shower or bath

Especially before bed as it can lower your body temp to a more comfortable level to help you sleep. Just because it’s hot, don’t let it spoil you getting your 8 hours of beauty sleep.

Close the curtains

By keeping your curtains closed in the rooms that get the most sunlight, you will trap in the cold air leaving you with a little haven to cool down when the heat gets too much.

And for those of you with four-legged family members

The general rule of thumb is to walk your canine friend either early in the morning or late in the evening to prevent them from overheating.

Also, their paws are sensitive to the hot pavements (imagine if you had to walk on it with bare feet?) so try to keep them on grassy and shaded areas as much as possible.

We hope you enjoy the lovely weather tomorrow and remember to be safe.


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