Fun ways to get fit this spring

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With summer on its way, it’s time to get active. But if you don't fancy the gym, then here are some super fun alternatives

With summer only a few months away, it’s time to stop hibernating and start getting into shape. If you’re not a gym buff, don’t worry, with these fun and unusual ways to get fit, it won’t even feeling like you’re exercising!

Aerial Hoop

Learning circus skills is becoming a popular pastime due to its health and fitness benefits, and its inclusivity for people of all ages and abilities. You don’t need to have any prior experience, be super strong or even very flexible.

Aerial hoop is a great way to get started as it is the easiest of the aerial arts for complete beginners. It’s a combination of strength conditioning, coordination and grip strength which allows aerialist to transition shapes and moves throughout a flow.

As a beginner, you will learn to mount the hoop, move your body weight around and work on your flexibility.

After your first session, you will be hooked and feel satisfied that you’ve had a full body workout without even realising it.

Pole Fitness

Don’t judge until you know more. Pole fitness is an ever growing phenomenon which is dominating the fitness world.

Suitable for both men and women, pole fitness is an excellent way to increase strength, develop flexibility, and improve cardiovascular health.

A wide range of classes are available to accommodate everyone – from complete beginners to the more advanced, so don’t worry about not being able to do it.

Hula Hooping

This childhood activity has been taken to the next level and is a fab addition to any workout routine. Using a weighted hoop, just a 30 minute session can burn 200 calories for men and 165 for women.

Lighter hoops take more energy to keep the momentum going compared to a heavier one, so you can progress and challenge yourself every time as well as training your core, improving your co-ordination and getting a slimmer waist.

Get the kids involved as well and have a hula hooping competition in the back garden to get the whole family active.


If you’re after a hit intensity workout, trampolining is a great way to burn those calories while being easy on your joints.

A one hour class will help build strong muscles, increase coordination and give your lymphatic system a boost, relieving stress.

Military Fitness

Not for the faint-hearted, military-style fitness is intense, but if you’re looking for a fun way to challenge yourself and push your limits then this is for you.

All you need is determination to get started and no prior training is required. All the instructors are experienced in advising each individual based on their fitness level to prevent over-training or injury and don’t worry – no one will be shouting at you.

You will feel great after this workout and feel amazing at what you have achieved.


Using minimal or no equipment and only your own body weight, calisthenics is a great way to challenge not only your body but your mind as well.

Workouts are made up from a range of motor movements such as pulling, pushing, bending, jumping and swinging while using your own body weight as resistance.

You can join a class to learn the basics and correct form, then workout at home if you have a busy lifestyle – so no excuses.

The basic exercises you will use are – push ups, pull ups, squat jump, and dips. More advanced moves include muscle ups, back leaver, planch and handstands.


Indoor bouldering is about more than just getting to the top. It’s a series of puzzles that need to be solved while navigating your way to the top using your hands and feet to maintain grip and balance.

The problems set on the wall range from easy to the near-impossible, so don’t worry if you’ve never been before, you can still get involved. There are plenty beginner courses and one to one sessions available to learn the basics while meeting other newbies.

You will get a full body work out as you use all your muscles to pull yourself up, steady yourself and push yourself to the top.

All you need are some climbing shoes and chalk to get started which you can rent for a small cost.

Acro Yoga

A combination of acrobatics, yoga and partner work, acro yoga is more than a workout. There is a strong focus on community, relationships, and trust.

Due to the nature of this discipline, you will learn to work closely with and develop trust with others.

Your core will get a tough workout as stability is key to maintaining your balance as well as developing strong arm and leg muscles.

As much as it is hard work, you will leave feeling relaxed and refreshed.

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