10 things that always happen during a British Bank Holiday

News & Guides 2019-7-4
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10 things that always happen on a Bank Holiday

Ahh the British Bank Holiday weekend. An extra day to enjoy time with our friends and families- what's not to love? We take a look at 10 inevitable truths about our beloved Bank Holidays.

1. You impatiently wait for the clock to strike 5pm on Friday...

Roll on 5pm


2. You plan the BBQ of the year... then it rains

What are the chances?!


3. You procrastinate your chores because you've got the extra day to do them



4. But you never get round to doing them, so Tuesday night it is

Something terrible has happened


5. You smugly turn off your alarm, only to wake up naturally at 6:30am

You've got to be kidding me


6. You get dirty looks from anyone who has to work

Life is so unfair


7. But you don’t care

Sorry not sorry


8. You panic over the supermarket opening hours and decide you must buy extra supplies... just in case



9. You blink and it’s gone

What just happened?


10. You wait to do it all again next time


Have a lovely Bank Holiday, from everyone at Hitachi Personal Finance!

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