Top tips for getting more for your fuel money

Motoring 2020-5-20
Top Tips For Getting More For Your Fuel Money

Get more miles per gallon from your fuel with these driving tips

Fuel doesn’t come cheap, but you can get more for your money with these simple driving tips.

Keep up with servicing
Maintaining your vehicle is not only important for the safety of yourself and other road users, but it can also save you some money too. Simple problems such as blocked air filters can make running less efficient, costing you more in fuel and potentially damaging your vehicle in the long-run.  

Maintain tyres
Having the right type of tyre depending on seasonality and ensuring the tread and pressure meet the legal and recommended limits can mean you’re using fewer miles per gallon making, your fuel stretch further.

Remove unnecessary weight
The heavier your car, the more fuel will be required to move it. So if you have a roof rack, for example, make sure you take it off when it’s not needed. Similarly, make sure you declutter your car regularly. You’d be surprised by the amount of extra weight you’re carrying around in the shape of old bags, sports equipment or just plain rubbish.

Drive smoothly
Harsh acceleration and breaking can guzzle up fuel more than you’d think, so relax behind the wheel and try to keep driving as steady as possible. Not only will it save you money, it also makes for a much nicer road experience for you and your passengers.

Air con vs open windows
Air conditioning can get through your fuel pretty quickly, so be selective about when you use it. But remember, at high speeds, an open window as an alternative can cause a large amount of drag on the car, meaning you could end up using more fuel that way.

The general rule is to use fresh air via an open window at lower speeds and air con when driving at high speed.

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