Looking after your car in summer

Motoring 2018-4-19
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Taking proper care of your car is just as important during the summer heat as it is in the colder winter months.

Everyone knows that cars need special treatment during the winter months in order to keep them in good running order, but summer weather can be just as damaging. We bring our top tips on looking after your car as the temperature rises.

Keeping cool
We’re not the only ones that need to be kept cool during the balmy summer months. Keep your car in tip-top shape and avoid overheating with plenty of engine coolant and a properly working cooling fan. It’s also a good idea to keep the air con on while on longer journeys, to ensure your engine doesn’t get too hot and give up.

Regularly checking your oil can also reduce the chance of your car overheating – especially when stuck in lengthy traffic jams as everyone tries to get to the seaside.

Looking after the bodywork
Summer is the best time for routine maintenance and road works to take place, which can mean left over debris in the road which can cause damage if it comes into contact with your car. Avoid this happening by keeping plenty of distance from other vehicles and taking your time – whatever you do, don’t exceed any temporary speed limits put in place – they’re there for a reason.

If you’re planning to leave your car for a prolonged period of time – such as for your summer holiday – try to park it where it will be exposed to as little direct sunlight as possible to avoid any damage to paintwork. If at all possible, get a lift to the airport and leave the car in a well ventilated garage.

Checking the tyres
First of all, make sure you have the right type of tyre on your car for summer. Some manufacturers recommend a completely different spec for summer and winter driving.

Once you’re happy with that, check the pressure, as a change in temperature can affect this.

Improving your vision
Sun glare can make summer driving hazardous. Unfortunately there’s not a lot you can do about Mother Nature, other than making sure your windows are nice and clean. Always have screen wash ready to go and make sure your wipers are nice and effective, as worn down ones can do more harm than good. It’s also a good idea to keep a pair of sunglasses to hand.

Beware of hay fever
If you’re a sufferer, symptoms can serious hinder your vision, and some medications can cause drowsiness so make sure yours doesn’t. If you have any doubts, speak to a professional before driving.

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