Save £100’s with these motor money saving tips

Money 2015-5-8

For most of us, motoring is one of the biggest areas of expense, so being savvy when it comes to your car could save you £100’s if not £1000’s. Here are a few money saving tips to get you started;

Find the cheapest petrol station in seconds

Petrol isn’t cheap, and often, driving around trying to find the cheapest petrol station could cost you more in fuel than you end up saving. allows you to locate the cheapest petrol, diesel and LPG near you. Simply register, enter your location and you see the cheapest petrol station near you.

Don’t buy premium fuels for standard cars

For standard cars, using premium or high performance fuels offer little or no difference to the performance of your car. So save your money and use the standard fuel, you won’t even know the difference. However, if you have a sports car, you could actually save yourself money by filling up with premium fuel, as the engine will use the fuel correctly and therefore use less.

Don’t get caught out with an expired driving licence

According to the DVLA, a staggering two million people have an out-of-date photo-card. If you get caught driving with an expired photo-card, you could be fined up to £1,000. It costs just £14 to renew online, and £17 to renew by post so check if your driving licence is valid and avoid a hefty fine.

Get rid of your junk

The lighter your car is, the more fuel efficient it will be, as it needs less effort to accelerate. So if they’re not needed, remove roof racks/boxes, car seats, and any other clutter you have laying around that you don’t need. A roof rack/box creates huge wind resistance which increases drag and means your engine has to work much harder. So removing the roof rack/box will not only get rid of unnecessary weight, it will improve your car’s efficiency too.

Protect your no claims bonus

Racking up your no claims bonus often means huge savings when it comes to renewing your car insurance. However, if you make a claim, you could face losing up to 2 years off your discount, which could bump up the cost of your insurance quite considerably. A protected no claims bonus means that claims you make, won’t impact your discount, so you can make a claim without worrying about your insurance premiums going through the roof. This does increase your premiums, but not half as much as it would if you lost your no claims bonus. Check out how you could save £100’s on your car insurance.

Hitachi Hints and Tips is intended to be informative and interesting. It does not constitute financial advice, and you should always do further research when making any financial decisions. All information was correct at date of publication.


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