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Home Improvements 2019-6-26
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Easy weekend DIY projects to revamp your bedroom

If your bedroom is feeling a bit outdated and no longer gives you that excited feeling at bedtime, then why not give it a new lease of life with these easy DIY projected which can be done over the weekend?

Create a reading nook

Source: The Builders Wife

There’s nothing better than getting settled in with a steaming hot cup of tea and a good book. Creating a small space in your bedroom where you can read your favourite books in peace and comfort can change the whole look and feel of the room, turning it from just a place to sleep to the perfect place to wind down and relax. 

All you need is a comfortable chair (add a footstool for extra luxury), side table, reading lamp, and your favourite blanket.

Top tip: if you’re struggling for space, strategic placement of the side table will allow it to be used as a bedside table too.

Dress your bed like a pro

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You’ll be surprised how much a well-made bed can change the overall appearance of the room.

Try experimenting by mixing and matching complimentary bedding sets together, layering up with sheets, duvet, quilts and blankets. Different colours and textures will add a sense of luxury, while throw cushions will give that inviting look.

So invest in some quality bedding, funky pillows, snuggly throws and get creative!

Hang your curtains correctly

Source: Rock my style


Curtains can literally make or break a room, and, you may not have realised, but there is, in fact, a right and wrong way to hang your curtains.

If your curtains are short, mounted to close to the top of the window frame or barely fit when they are drawn – then it’s time to re-evaluate.

The best way to achieve that professional look is to follow these four basic rules:

Go wide 

Buy a pole that is longer than your window so that when you open your curtains, they won’t cover any of the window.

Hang ‘em high 

The higher you put your curtains, the taller your window and room will appear.

To the floor and beyond 

Curtains that stop under the window can make your room look smaller so always try to get the drop to reach the floor. For a more dramatic look, go even longer to create a ‘pool’ on the floor.

Don’t skimp on fabric

It may be tempting to save a few pounds by opting for curtains that perfectly fit the window when pulled tightly closed, but it can make the fabric look ‘skimpy’. Instead, go for double the width of your curtain pole for that gathered look and flowing effect even when closed.

Make your wardrobe look expensive

Source: Around the houses

Custom-made storage solutions don’t come cheap, but what if we knew a way for you to give your old wardrobe a new lease of life?

Adding a few customisations to your existing wardrobes such as changing the handles, adding mirrored panels or even just a lick of paint can make a huge difference.


When it comes to freshening up the walls with a fresh coat of paint, most people stop as soon as they reach the ceiling but what if you just carried on?

Rooms that use the same colour on the walls on the ceiling have a cosy yet sophisticated feel which is perfect for the bedroom.

Large rooms work well with a darker colour and can be accented with clever lighting. For smaller rooms, try to stick to lighter colours to make the room feel more spacious.

Top tip: if having the whole room one colour is not your thing, then why not just go for a statement ceiling instead?

Whatever you choose to do to create your very own bedroom sanctuary, have fun with it.


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