Make the most of your home improvement budget

Home Improvements 2020-10-23

Practical money tips to making getting the most from your home improvement budget

Making home improvements on a strict budget can be tough, however the trick is to focus on those changes that will transform the way you feel about your home and add value to the property.

Here at Hitachi Personal Finance, we’ve put together some practical tips to suit all budgets and help you get the most from your home improvements.

Budget: £1,000

£1,000 isn’t a massive budget when it comes to making home improvements, however if you use it in the right places, it can add value to your property and make it easier to sell when the time comes, as well as making the place feel more like home until then.

Lighting  is a great place to start, good lighting can be the difference between a fresh, modern feel and something that feels dark and outdated. Opting for a smart home lighting system is a great way to control the ambience of your home via a mobile app meaning each room will always look it’s best.

Alternatively, upgrading your front door can be a real game changer as this home improvement is seen as one of the most cost- effective ways of adding value to your home. It’s also worth considering updating your fixture too such as doorbell, house number, letterbox and even exterior lights.

Budget: £2,500 

With a significantly larger budget of £2,500, why not turn your focus outside? After all, it’s the first thing that people see when they come to your home. And remember, first impressions are everything.

Opting for a low maintenance garden will ensure it look as nice in autumn and winter as it does in spring and summer. If you like the look of grass but not the upkeep, consider getting a good quality artificial turf instead.

Alternatively, try installing decking or paving for more useable space, and spruce it up with additional features such as a fire pit or a table and chairs. Not only will you be able to get more enjoyment from your garden, but you could also increase the value on your home at the same time.

Budget: £5,000

The bathroom is one of the most used rooms in any home however, it tends to be overlooked and forgotten about when it comes to making improvements.

Make sure your bathroom is efficient, more functional and up to date by considering a hidden-tank toilet to give you back any lost space or swapping out your bathtub for a more spacious walk in shower.

If you have the space, consider adding an extra bathroom in your home as this could significantly increase property value, whether it’s downstairs or en-suite.

Budget: £10,000

They say the kitchen is the heart of the home so whether you’re looking to increase the value of your home or just create a more practical space to suit your family’s needs, it’s worth considering a remodel.

According to research by Which?, a new kitchen costs an average of £8,000, but gives you a good return on investment and could significantly increase the value of your home by up to 6%.

But that’s not all, you could save money by installing new energy efficient appliances or adding in a skylight to allow in more natural light while conserving energy and doing your bit for the environment.

Budget: £20,000

With a generous £20,000 investment, a loft conversion is a great idea to make use of the roof space while adding up to 12.5% value to the price to your home.

Many of us are now working from home so that extra space can easily be converted into an office or study room as well as doubling as an extra bedroom when needed. Use the space for whatever you want, but remember, an additional bedroom to a 2- or 3-bedroom house can be extremely valuable – particularly if you have space for an en-suite bathroom too.

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Hitachi Hints and Tips is intended to be informative and interesting. It does not constitute financial advice, and you should always do further research when making any financial decisions. All information was correct at date of publication.


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