Best summer home improvements

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Take advantage of the summer weather and get cracking on those annual home improvement jobs you’ve been putting off.

Pressure wash

If your drive, patio or conservatory is starting to look a bit dingy then this is the perfect time to get out the pressure washer and give them a good clean. You’ll be surprised how much dirt and grime builds up throughout the winter months.

Paint the fence

The harsh winter elements can really damage exterior wood such as fences and decking. To make them last longer before needing to replace, it’s always good to maintain them with a coat of paint or stain once a year. So grab your paintbrushes and your favourite paint or wood stain and get cracking.

Drain your water heater and bleed your radiators

With the warmer weather, many of us are not using our heating regularly so take this time to give them a bit of love. By doing these annual maintenance jobs will help keep your hot water hot and use less energy in the long run.

Refresh your walls

Make your home feel brand new without breaking the bank by adding a new coat of paint or upgrading your wallpaper. If you’re organised, you can renew a whole room over a weekend by getting the whole family involved.

Tidy up the garden

Now’s the time to cheer up the garden and we don’t mean by just cutting the grass. Why not spend some time adding in a little vegetable patch at the top of the garden or maybe creating some lovely hanging baskets to add some colour? Even rearranging the outside furniture and adding some fairy lights can really make a difference.

Clean the gutters

You’ll be surprised how much gunk and debris can be hiding away in your gutters which can cause blockages (which no one wants to deal with). Grab the ladders, a member of the family to spot you and get cleaning. It shouldn’t take too long and your gutters will thank you.

Wash the windows

The same as with the decking and paving, the winter weather can really make your windows and frames look a bit grim. If you don’t have a regular window cleaner come visit then you can do the job just as well yourself. Working top to bottom inside and out will have your glass and frames sparkling.

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