Best apps to help you improve your home

Home Improvements 2015-2-19

With spring just around the corner, now’s a great time to spruce up your home. Our experts have come up with a list of things you can do to make some improvements that even Frank Spencer could handle!

Let technology help you achieve your aims by using these great apps for your mobile and tablet to make changes to improve your home.

Visualise the future

It’s really hard to imagine how different styles of furniture would look around your home. It’s all very well looking at photos in magazines and visiting showrooms, but how would that sofa or kingsize bed really look when plonked in one of your rooms at home?

Snapshop Showroom is an app that allows you to use your phone to see how furniture will look in any room in your house. All you need to do is hold up your phone, drag and drop furniture from the app’s catalogue so it appears as if it would in your room and then simply snap a photo which you can save and share via email.

Find the right colour scheme

So if you can visualise your home with different furniture in it, what about with different colour schemes on the walls? Well of course there is an app for that! The Mitre 10 Virtual Wall Painter helps you visualise how your room will look in that colour before you start painting.

You can use its Magic Brush to paint whole walls, use your finger to touch up smaller areas or mask out parts you don't want to paint.

Get creative

Can’t afford to replace your furniture but want to improve it? Snapguide is a great app that offers how-to guides, shared by users which range from great DIY tips such as reupholstering a chair, to how to succeed with exotic recipes.

Created by a tech-savvy team which includes former Google and Yahoo employees, this app is straightforward to use and also allows you to share and follow others.


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