20 20-minute jobs to transform your home

Home Improvements 2019-2-26
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Small budget and no free time? Not a problem when it comes to implementing these quick tips.

The secret to making your house feel brand new without spending a fortune is to hone in on a couple of key focal points and making some quick and easy changes. Below are 20 of our favourites.

1. Spruce up your front door

Your front door is the first thing people see when they visit, and the first thing you see when you get home - day in, day out. If it’s a wooden door, give it a lick of paint. Obviously the more drastic the colour change, the more noticeable it will be. If you’re looking for something more subtle, or have a door that can’t be painted, don’t worry, you’d be surprised how much difference a quick clean can make.

2. Add a hanging lantern

Sticking with the front door theme, hanging a solar powered lantern makes a nice alternative to the traditional hanging basket, especially when we sun goes down.

3. Paint the decking

A fresh coat of paint on the decking is a quick and easy way to make your garden feel brand new. So if you’ve got a big summer BBQ planned, make sure you make some time for this quick and easy hack first. People will be asking you ‘What’s new out here?’ all day. For best results, thoroughly clean and sand the decking before you paint, and make sure you get anti-slip paint.

4. Add a new garden feature 

If your front garden is looking a little dull, bring it to life with a new feature such as a water fountain or a bird table. Not only will it give a fresh look, it will attract some wildlife into your garden too.

5. Change a light fitting

Light fittings can often be a real focal point in any room, so give yours a facelift. Metallics are really in at the moment and can produce a nice contrast against the light. Try a chandelier for something really eye-catching, just make sure you pick one that works relative to the size of the room.

6. Paint a statement wall

Try painting one wall a new colour to inject a new lease of life into your living room or bedroom. Something bright or a patterned wallpaper can work well in the living room, whereas something softer and more neutral may be safer for the bedroom, promoting a better night’s sleep according to the experts.

7. Try a stencil

For something really unique, why not invest in some wall stencils? With all sorts of shapes and sizes out there and in any colour you wish, your home can truly be a reflection of your taste.

8. Move major furniture

If you don’t have any money whatsoever, but still fancy a change, work with what you have. Moving a room’s statement furniture around - for example the bed and wardrobes in a bedroom or the sofa and TV in a living room - can make your place feel completely new. Although this one is generally harder to achieve in the kitchen or bathroom.

9. Put up some decorative shelving

Shelving isn’t just for storage. Get some up to hold your favourite ornaments, some fresh flowers or a candle arrangement, and enjoy a whole new look.

10. Bring in some house plants

Indoor plants are good for your health as well as looking fantastic. No time for watering? Fake it ‘til you make it, nobody will notice (unless they touch).

11. Replace the curtains/blinds

Another major focal point in any room is the windows, meaning every time someone visits that room, they probably look at and notice the curtains or blinds, so mix it up. Get a couple of different sets and change them every few of months to keep things fresh.

12. Add kitchen shelves for your everyday essentials

Pasta, cereal and other store cupboard essentials can look surprisingly stylish when put out on display. Get some nice jars and off you go! It will also free up some cupboard space for the less attractive ingredients – nobody wants their tins out for all to see.

13. Hang some art

Whether one of your favourite paintings, a movie poster or a cool vinyl artwork, adding some hangings to your home can not only transform the look but also inject some of your unique personality into it.

14. Make a decorative coffee table

Ok, this one may take a little longer than 20 minutes, but we had to include it. Why put plants on your coffee table when you could put them in it? This amazing video from Nifty shows you how, and the end result is truly inspirational!

15. Fluff up the sofa cushions

To compensate for the above, here’s one that will take you much less than 20 minutes. Plumping up your sofa cushions can make your living room look completely different, so if it’s not something you already do on a regular basis, give it a try. You’ll be surprised by the difference it makes.

16. Remake the bed

When we make our beds first thing in the morning, we don’t always have the highest attention to detail or motivation to make it look tempting, but it’s well worth putting the effort in. Trust us, it will transform your room and you’ll be glad you did when to come to get back in that evening.

17. Choose a new colour scheme for the bathroom

Bathrooms are difficult to transform, as most of the furniture has to stay where it is (especially if you only have 20 mins). One quick and easy thing you can do to give your bathroom a new vibe is go for a new colour scheme, matching up the small accessories such as the soap dish, soap dispenser, bin... need we go on?

18. Build your own headboard

Give your master bedroom a whole new look by building yourself a headboard. Paint it or use stencils to create something truly unique to suit your style.

19. Turn your kids' walls into a giant chalkboard

Blackboard paint is amazing - it's easy to apply and works like a dream once dry. Your kids can write and draw and keep themselves nicely entertained, with it all disappearing with a simple wipe down afterwards.

20. Spray paint ornaments

We’ve all been there. You decide you need a new colour scheme in a room. This requires new everything, from cushions and throws to decorative ornaments. You FINALLY get it completed… and in 6 months’ time, you’re bored. Instead of starting again, take what you already have and spray paint it to fit with your new theme. This way it will save you money and trust us nobody will know it’s the same piece.

Hitachi Hints and Tips is intended to be informative and interesting. It does not constitute financial advice, and you should always do further research when making any financial decisions. All information was correct at date of publication.


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