Can I sign up without an existing agreement?

You can sign up once your agreement is active. You will be sent an email letting you know when this happens, and your agreement number will be on that email - make a note of this as you will need it to register.

This will not always happen as soon as you sign your agreement and could be when you receive your goods.

I’m asked for my agreement number but do not know what this is?

This will be sent to you on your welcome email and all letters and emails from us after that point.  If you do not have this to hand you can also get this from a bank statement transaction for a Direct Debit payment. The reference shown will be your agreement number. You just need the first 10 digits.

I’ve tried to register my new agreement but it states my email address is already registered

If this happens all you need to do is login with your current email and password and then select the add agreement option at the top once logged in. This is a + symbol. Here you can add your new agreement number.

If you have problems with adding your new agreement this is usually when the personal details do not match. You can check these against your new agreement on the My profile tab when you’re logged in.

My error message says my password is invalid?

The system needs a password to be a minimum of 8 characters which includes both numbers and letters. This error message is displayed if this is not met.

I have reset my password but not had the email link

Please check the email address is the email we have registered against your agreement. You can find this out what this is on the problems logging in page.

My error message says incorrect password/memorable word

This will be shown if the system does not recognise your details. You can reset this by selecting problems logging in.

Please note the problems logging in page is not part of the app and takes you to our website. You can get back into the app by pressing the back button on your Android device or by selecting the app again if you’re using an IOS device.

I have tried multiple times and also reset my password but still can’t log in

The system has safeguards to protect your account. If you have multiple failed attempts to log in your account will be locked for a short period – it will allow you to try again in an hour.

Can I log in without a password and memorable word?

Yes - through the app you can select the biometric option to log in with your face or fingerprint.

Once you are set up and logged on for the first time with your username and password, you can use this as a secure way to log in.

We recommend using this feature as it’s very quick, simple and secure.

Where can I download the Hitachi Personal Finance app? (MyHPF)
I’m in the app but do not have the option of Biometric (Fingerprint/facial) log in?

If you do not have this option it may be because this is not enabled on your device. Once you have turned on this feature in your phone or tablet option this will appear the next time you log in.

Not all devices support this feature.

How many attempts with Biometrics?

This is a security feature on your device and some will allow a limited number of attempts before blocking. If you are having these issues you can still log in using your password and memorable word or try again later.

What can I do in the app?

You can do everything on the app what can be done on the browser, including updating your personal details, making a payment and more. Navigate around the app simply by using the menu button in the top right corner.

My login details have disappeared.

We are always looking for ways to improve the app - on occasions where an update is completed on the app this may result in customers being required to re-enter their credentials (password & memorable word) instead of using the biometrics on the first log in after the update.

You can use the problems logging tab explained above if you forget your details.

I would like to give you feedback on your online service

Here at Hitachi we take great care in providing the best possible service and we are always looking to improve our service. We’re interested to hear your feedback. Because of this we have a feedback tab on the right of the page when in the self-serve system. You may also receive an email on how you found using the service.

I want to self serve but your message on screen says call

We aim to provide you the best possible service and solutions, sometimes we may need to understand how we can support you in more detail. If you would rather not call us you can send a secure message through the Mymessages option in the menu where we are he to help.

Payment holiday request

If you are requesting a payment holiday please use our loan repayment form.

You don’t need to call us - we’ll be in touch once the payment holiday application has been accepted.

Payment holiday request

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For general enquiries telephone our Customer Experience Team on 0344 375 5500.

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To process a personal loan, telephone our Loans Team on 0343 351 9112.

Opening hours for the Loans Team

Mon-Fri: 8:45am to 7.30pm
Saturday and Sunday: Closed

If you are in financial difficulty and need to discuss your circumstances, call 0344 375 5488.

Opening Hours

Mon-Fri:  8:15am to 7:15pm
Saturday: 8:15am to 4:15pm
Sunday: Closed


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