Applying for a loan

What is the lowest rate you offer?

Our lowest representative rate is 3.5% APR on loans between £5,000 and £25,000. The APR you are offered, if accepted for a loan, may vary depending on your personal circumstances.

What are the minimum and maximum loan amounts?

Our loans range from £2,500 to £25,000.

What is the minimum and maximum term?

Repayment terms are available from 2 to 5 years.

Do you offer preferential rates for new or existing customers?

We do not offer preferential rates for any new or existing customers. Our rates are competitive for all customers.

What eligibility criteria must I meet to apply?

To apply for a Hitachi loan you must meet the following criteria:

• Aged 21 or over
• Hold a bank or building society account
• A permanent UK resident (and have been living in the UK for at least 12 months)
• In permanent paid employment or retired with a pension
• Have a good credit history

Do I need to complete a paper application form?

If you apply online and your loan is accepted, you can e-sign your application form online meaning there is no need to complete a paper application. 

How long will my application take?

If you apply online, the application process should take no longer than ten minutes. If your loan is accepted, you can e-sign your application form online too, which enables us to get the funds to you much quicker.

Start your online application.

However if you would prefer to speak to someone, please call 0343 351 9112 and a member of our Loans Team will go through the application with you. All inbound and outbound calls may be recorded for training and monitoring purposes.

What is meant by “mortgage age” on the application form?

This should be the total time you have held a mortgage at the address you are using for your application.

What is meant by “time at bank” on the application form?

This should be the total time you have been a customer of the bank you are using for your bank details on your application.

How long before I get a decision?

The decision will be instant once you submit your application. In some cases, we may require additional information from you before we make a final decision.

How quickly will I get my funds?

Your loan will usually be credited to your bank account within two working days of us receiving your signed agreement and completing our checks.

Do you charge an arrangement fee?

No. We do not charge any arrangement fees.

Are there any additional fees?

No. We do not charge any additional fees.

What is involved in a credit search?

We conduct a search of your credit file through a Credit Reference Agency to assess your current and settled financial commitments and the payment history shown against these.

The search is based on your name and the addresses you provide to us when you apply to use our finance facilities. A record of our searches will be shown on your credit file to make other lenders aware we have requested information about you.

What can I do if my application is declined?

If your loan has been declined and you're unhappy with our decision, you can email us at or write to us at:

Underwriting Department
Hitachi Capital Consumer Finance
LS11 9BH

You can also get a copy of your credit report from the following credit reference agencies:

Experian Ltd
Experian Help Service
PO Box 8000

Consumer Service
Callcredit Limited
PO Box 491

When writing to the Credit Reference Agencies please ensure you enclose a £2 administration fee.

I was declined, can I apply again?

If you’ve been declined, you can apply again, however, we would recommend waiting at least 3 months or until your circumstances have changed before you do so. This is because making several applications close together could have a negative effect on your credit score, and could make it harder for you to get accepted in the future.

Does having a declined application have an adverse effect on my credit file?

Your credit file will not show the outcome of any applications; lenders can only see whether you have applied, not whether you have been approved or declined.

If you have been declined for a Hitachi Personal Loan, you can apply again, however we recommend waiting at least 3 months before doing so. This is because a large number of applications within a short space of time could affect your ability to obtain credit.

Why did my APR change?

The rate that is displayed is a representative rate which represents the APR that the majority of our customers will receive. For the customers that we are unable to offer this rate to, we may be able to offer you a loan at a higher APR, with a higher monthly instalment.

We take into account all the information you supplied on your application, along with an up-to-date search of your credit file to determine whether we can accept the application, and also determine what rate we can offer you.

Can I 'top up' my loan?
Do you offer joint loans?

Unfortunately, we do not currently offer joint loans.

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To process a personal loan, telephone our Loans Team on 0343 351 9112.

Opening hours for the Loans Team

Mon-Fri: 8:45am to 7.30pm
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If you are in financial difficulty and need to discuss your circumstances, call 0344 375 5488.

Opening Hours

Mon-Fri:  8:15am to 7:15pm
Saturday: 8:15am to 4:15pm
Sunday: Closed


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