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We’re dealing with a much higher number of calls from customers than normal, as a result of Covid-19, which is having a significant impact on our call wait times.

Please leave the phone lines clear for us to help our most vulnerable customers first who need urgent support.

If you have missed a payment or have found yourself in financial difficulty and need to discuss your circumstances, please read about the options available to you on the Payment Holiday Request tab below, so we can provide you with the right support. This includes the opportunity to potentially defer your loan payments for up to three months.

Your help will allow us to prioritise support for those customers that need us the most.

You can also manage your account online through our MyHPF portal or the MyHPF App. This will save you time and details of how to log in can be found below.  Our FAQs page will also answer most of your questions.

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Manage your account online or on our app

We want to make it easy for our customers which is why we have created MyHPF - our account management platform. Registration is quick and simple and once logged in, you can:

  • Get a settlement quote
  • Make a payment
  • Change direct debit details
  • View statements
  • Update personal information
  • Send and receive secure messages

What's more, with our app, you can use biometric log in, meaning no more lengthy passwords to remember.


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If you have missed a payment or have found yourself in financial difficulty and need to discuss your circumstances, please complete our loan repayment form so we can  provide you with the right support.

Call us

If you are in financial difficulty and need to discuss your circumstances, call 0344 375 5488*.

For general account queries and support, speak to our Customer Experience team on 0344 375 5500*.

Opening Hours:

Monday to Friday - 8:15am to 5:45pm
Saturday - Closed
Sunday - Closed 
Bank Holidays - Closed


Is a Payment Holiday the right thing for me?

If you are worried about not being able to make payments in the short term due to coronavirus, then you can use this form to apply to defer payment (sometimes referred to as a “payment freeze” or “payment holiday”) for up to three months.

Although freezing your payment is designed to help you during this difficult time, it will result in increased costs in the longer term because of additional interest that will become payable due to the missed payments during the payment holiday. You should consider the following carefully before applying for a payment holiday:

  • Do you need immediate and temporary financial assistance?
  • If you can afford to make some repayments, even if it is a smaller amount than usual, you should continue to do so.
  • Don’t cancel your direct debit or reduce payments until we have confirmed your application has been successful.

In order to apply you need to use the form provided. Our FAQs below may help to answer any questions you have so take a quick look.

You must be the agreement holder to complete this form. If you're not, you should ask the person named on the agreement to complete it.

If you have more than one agreement with us, you'll need to complete a form for each agreement number.

Once we have received your form we'll aim to come back to you in the next 10 working days to confirm if your application has been successful and when your payment holiday will begin (if applicable).

If you can afford to, you should continue to make your normal monthly payment on your agreement until we confirm that your payment holiday has started.

If you’re unable to make your next payment and this is due within 7 working days or you’ve missed one or more monthly payment already, please fill in the relevant sections on the form so that we can assess your situation fully.


What is a payment holiday (also known as payment freeze)?

A payment holiday is a break from having to pay your monthly payments for up to three months.

Who can apply for a payment holiday?

You must be the agreement holder or the authorised third party recorded on our systems to apply. If you're not, you should ask the person who’s named on the agreement to complete this form.

A payment holiday is available if you were up to date on your agreement prior to coronavirus impacting your household financial situation.

A payment holiday is not intended for customers already in arrears before coronavirus impacted household income. We do have other options available to help if you were already in arrears for other reasons.

What will happen to interest?

It is important to remember that you'll still be charged interest during your payment holiday.  If you are accepted for the payment holiday, the length of your loan will be extended so that you can make up the payments missed and the additional interest that will become payable as a result of not making payments during the payment holiday.

An explanation of how much additional interest will be payable and the change to your loan term will also be sent in writing via email or post.

You will need to confirm that you agree to the changes to your agreement before we can make these changes. Details of how to do this will be included in the explanation we will send to you.

Will this affect my credit rating?

No. It has been agreed by the Credit Reference Agencies that during the period of the payment holiday due to the Covid19 outbreak, reporting will be made using the same account status that was provided before the payment holiday started. 

It is important to ensure your payments are still made until we confirm your application for a payment holiday has been successful.

When will my payment holiday begin?

Should your request be accepted, your payment holiday will begin from the date of your application. You don’t need to call us - we’ll be in touch once the payment holiday application has been accepted.

If you pay by Direct Debit, we’ll stop collecting your payments when the payment holiday begins. Please don’t cancel your Direct Debit as this needs to be in place for us to collect your normal payments when the payment holiday is over.

If you pay by another method, you’ll need to stop your payments and make sure they begin again when the payment holiday ends. If you have a standing order set up with your bank you would need to cancel this.

What if I need more help?

A note about calling us

We’d be really grateful if you could read these questions and answers carefully. We know it’s a worrying time, which means lots of people are trying to get through. There’s no need to call unless you’re worried about an immediate impact on your financial situation caused by the coronavirus outbreak.

Thanks for bearing with us – and check back regularly, as we’ll update the information here as the situation changes.

Payment holiday request

Call us

If you need help completing a new application, would like to enquire about topping up an existing loan agreement or have a question about a pending application, please call the team on 0343 351 9112*, selecting Option 2.


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If you'd rather, you can email the team at

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If an agent is available, you can chat with us online.

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We are committed to providing the best possible service to our customers. However, if you are not satisfied with any aspect of our service, please let us know.

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Marketing and press enquiries ONLY

You can contact our Marketing Team on 0113 380 1041 or email Theresa Lindsay Group Head of Marketing at

Note, these contact details are for marketing and press enquiries only and the marketing team will not be able to transfer your call to the relevant team for account enquiries.


*All numbers that start with 03 are charged at the same rate as standard landline numbers. Inbound and outbound calls may be recorded for training and monitoring purposes.

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